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Dell Laptop Service Center in Malad, Mumbai

Best Dell Laptop Service Center In Malad, Mumbai. We offer same-day laptop repair services and never ever makes false promises to our valued customers so that our existing clients frequently call for laptop servicing in Malad. If you're searching for the best laptop repair shop in Malad, Mumbai, Maharashtra then contact us and get instant service. Dell service center in Malad, Dell laptop service center in Mumbai, Dell Laptop Service Center Malad, Dell Service Center Malad, Dell Laptop Repair Center in Malad, Mumbai laptop Service center, Dell laptop center Malad.

Dell Laptop Repair in Malad - Dell Service Center Malad

Professional, reliable Dell laptop repair center in Jankalyan Nagar, We repair and replace laptop screen, motherboard, hinge and keyboard, battery & power adapter at affordable cost. Best Dell Laptop Repairing in Jankalyan Nagar, with Onsite and Pickup n Drop Facility, Call or WhatsApp @ 9004029090 to book an appointment for Dell laptop repair home service in Malad West.

Book Dell Laptop Repair Service in Malad at your doorstep

Complete Dell laptop services near Jankalyan Nagar, Malad West we have experienced professionals to help you in your home / office for laptop support like windows formatting, anti-virus installation, hinge repair, DC Jack issue, over heating solution, RAM or Hard disk upgrade in reasonable rates. We provide genuine dell laptop spare parts and accessories in Jankalyan Nagar at best price with home delivery.

Dell Laptop Screen Repair in Malad West

The broken and cracked laptop screens are one of the most common repairs that we perform in Mumbai. We take pleasure in being specialists in laptop screen replacement and repairing the screens and we are also the cheapest ones! We constantly keep a variety of screen sizes in hand so that we can repair your laptop as soon as possible. So, whether your laptop's LCD screen is all black, all white, or just shattered from an accidental drop, just give us a call and we'll get it fixed in no time!

We can replace your screen just in 1h*

We have practically every variety of laptop screen in stock.

The following is what we can help with your broken or probelmatic laptop display: Vertical or Horizontal colored lines on screen, Screen Flickering, Screen all black, Screen blinking or shaking, Screen broken cracked or damaged, Screen Color fades to white, Screen dim, Black spot in screen, Laptop Screen Repair, Laptop Screen Replacement.

All of the screens we sell come with a one-year warranty.

It's never been faster than in our store. Whether your screen has ceased working or you have accidentally damaged it. We try to replace most brands and models in within 1 hours to get you back on track.

Dell Laptop Keyboard Repair in Malad West

That's another typical laptop problem that, thankfully, can be easily, swiftly, and cheaply repaired.

Sometimes only one or two keys that aren’t working, while other times there be something wrong with the whole keyboard. We can even give your keyboard a thorough cleaning if you've been munching biscuits on it too frequently. Simply bring your laptop into our shop, and we'll inspect and repair it for you!

And just so you know, we stock keyboards for all of the most popular brands in our shop, so you can have your defective keyboard changed in 1 hour!

The following is what we can help with your faulty keyboard: Few keys not working in laptop, Keyboard keys keep repeating itself, water - coffee or some liquid spilled on keyboard, Certain laptop keyboard buttons not working, some laptop keyboard letters not working, one key typing on its own.

Keyboards are one of the most resilient elements of your laptop; they do not usually break on their own; you either help them break by accidentally pouring a drink on them, or your infant pulls the keys away while taking its first steps towards becoming a nerd. We have a huge stock of used keyboards and can get your lost keys replaced in the blink of an eye.

Faulty keyboard

We have keyboards for over 300 different laptop models in stock!

In less than an hour, you can have a brand new keyboard.

Dell Laptop Battery Replacement in Malad West

Dell laptops use ion-lithium batteries, which tends to puff due to battery age, the number of charge cycles, or exposure to high heat. A swollen battery pack does not represent a safety concern, you should not use damaged or swollen components. If you're facing any issue with your dell laptop battery pack, we recommend discontinuing use and replacing it with a Dell-genuine battery.

The following is what we can help with your faulty battery: Laptop battery plugged in but not charging, Battery not detected in Laptop, Consider replacing you battery error, battery dead, battery goes down very fast, battery doesn't last long, battery drain fast, battery won't fully charge, battery at zero percent not charging, battery plugged in but not charging error.

Dell Laptop Charger Shop in Malad West

If your Dell Laptop Charger is lost or not charging the battery properly or it is not working fine, then contact us at 9004029090 to Buy a Original Dell 2YK0F 65W USB Type-C Charger Today at Best Price from Aquila It Solutions. 

All Dell Laptop Charger which we sell is made by Dell and supported by Dell with 1 Year Limited Warranty throughout India.

The following is what we can help with your faulty battery: Laptop Adapter plugged in but not charging, adapter burning smell, adapter stopped working, adapter indicator light blinking continuously, adapter working but not charging properly, ac adapter heating. Original Genuine A C Adapter available at very affordable price. 

All Laptop Chargers are supplied from reputable manufacturers with high quality components that are fully compliant for the Indian market. We have a wide range of the latest and old Laptop Adapters for over thousands of different laptop models.

Dell Laptop Hinge Repair, Fabrication or Replacement in Malad West

Do you have problems while opening / closing your laptop ? Are the hinges on your laptop broken?  If so, we are here to help you resolve the problem as soon as possible. We are just a call way in serving you.

A word of warning here: if your laptop hinges are damaged, be extremely cautious as this may result in screen damage.  So, until you can send it in for repairs, place something tall and sturdy behind the laptop and hold the screen against it.  Remember that it should be heavy enough that the screen does not gradually push it backwards.

The following is what we can help with your faulty battery: Broken Laptop Bottom Case / Base Enclosure Replacement, screen hinges loose, screen joint broken, hinges cover broken, hinges cracked, some part of hinges came off, hinges damage from one corner, hinges out of place or alignment problem, broken lcd back cover, cracked or damaged lcd back panel, body fabrication, front bezel frame broken or damaged. Rear Case, Front Bezel, L + R Hinges, Touchpad with Palmrest Top Cover also available.

Dell Laptop DC Jack / Power Socket Repair in Malad West

This is one of the most common problems we see with laptops, and we've become experts in power jack repairs.

If your laptop is not charging properly, the most likely culprit is a broken power jack. Other symptoms that something is amiss with the power connector include the laptop's screen flashing when you move the lead or the need to hold or move the lead in order for the laptop to charge.

99% of our power socket repairs are completed within 1-2 hours!!!

We only utilize genuine parts.

If any of the following apply to your machine, don't worry, we'll repair your power connector quickly.

A damaged dc jack repair is simple, and you'll have your laptop back in about 1-2 hours!

Dell Laptop Motherboard Repair in Malad West

We specialised in repairing computers that have been damaged by spilled water or another liquid. So, if you accidentally spilled coffee on your keyboard, don't panic; simply turn off your laptop and remove the battery. We understand that spills occur frequently, and in order to repair your laptop as fast as possible, we offer a professional ultrasonic bath at our shop. This valuable piece of equipment assists us in repairing computers by cleaning all internal parts of spilt liquid, and it is done properly, swiftly, and safely. 

We use advance technologies to clean the motherboard after a liquid spill.

Remember, there is no charge if we cannot fix your laptop!!!

Over Heating Dell Laptop Solution in Malad West

Is your laptop overheating?

We cool it down

Another of the most typical faults we notice in our repair service is issues with the laptop's cooling system.

If your laptop appears to be overheating and operating excessively noisily, it is likely that its fans and cooling system are malfunctioning. This is usually caused by using your laptop on a soft surface, so always try to use it on a level surface or use a cooling pad if you have one to avoid overheating problems (we also stock and sell cooling pads if you need one!). Bring your laptop to us, and we will clean the fans and cooling system, replace any broken parts, and apply a special high grade thermo-conductive paste that will absorb excess heat in the future.

So, if your laptop is overheating, don’t wait too long and bring it to our shop in Mumbai!

 Every user experiences laptop overheating because we do not live in a vacuum. Dust is ubiquitous; it just sweeps past us and gets inside our laptops, clogging the vent system and causing your machine to overheat. It is critical to clean your vents on a regular basis to prevent your laptop from failing prematurely.

Repair Dell Laptop with Liquid Spilled in Malad West

 I had a lovely night listening to your favourite song on YouTube while drinking wine until it tripped over your machine. Do not panic; instead, switch off the power supply, turn your computer upside down, and remove the battery. Connect with us as soon as possible. We use cutting-edge technology to save both your laptop and your wallet.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with top quality service at a reasonable price. We will not sell you something you don't need. Before you go to the big box stores, give us a call and experience personalized customer service and get the answers you need to keep you up and running.

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We serve people located all over Malad which includes Chincholi Bunder, Liberty Garden, Daruwala Compound, Mahavir Nagar, ORLEM, Azmi Nagar, Malvani, Jankalyan Nagar, Ekta Nagar, Marve, Gaikwad Nagar, INS Hamla, Madh - Marve Road, Vishal Nagar, Mahada, Evershine Nagar, Navy Nagar Road, Mithchowki, Kanchpada, Ashok Nagar, Malad East - West.


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