Laptop Repair Center in Powai, Mumbai

We provide doorstep / onsite Laptop Repair Services to the customers located in Powai nearby Chandivali Studio, IIT Bombay, Hiranandani EstateRaheja Vihar, Powai Vihar, Hiranandani Gardens, Hiranandani International School and other areas in Mumbai with On site & Pick n Drop Service at an affordable rate. Call: 9004029090 for Laptop repairing like chip level motherboard repairing, broken lcd - led display screen replacement, faulty keyboard repair, broken hinge & body fabrication or replacement, Buy Original Laptop battery replacement, New battery charger - AC power adapter, bottom case - base enclosure, virus removal, Touchpad repair, OSoperating system formatting or upgrade, Microsoft office installation, Google Apps setup, over heating and hanging issuesRAM, Hard Disk & SSD upgrades etc. We provide solutions to all laptop related problems like laptop keyboard button not working, laptop keypad keys stuck, Laptop keyboard keeps repeating itself, laptop keyboard some keys not working, laptop keyboard typing on its own, few keyboard keys stopped working, one key automatically pressed, keyboard keeps repeating itself, laptop keyboard button not working, laptop keyboard some keys not working, laptop keyboard typing on its own, laptop keyboard letters not working, laptop screen flickering, shaking fading, laptop screen half black, black spots, laptop screen blinking, laptop screen fades to white, laptop screen horizontal lines, cracked - broken or damaged display, laptop screen vertical lines, laptop screen black spot, laptop motherboard not turning on, laptop motherboard no power, laptop motherboard no display problem, laptop screen hinges loose, laptop hinges broken, laptop hinges damage, laptop adapter stopped working, laptop charger burnt or damaged, laptop battery won't charge, laptop battery dead, laptop battery not detected, laptop battery is not charging, laptop battery not giving proper backup, laptop hard disk failure, laptop hard disk error problem, laptop hard disk crashed, laptop hard disk making clicking noise, laptop shows hard disk error, laptop hard disk is not detecting, 4gb - 8gb, 16gb & 32gb RAM memory upgrades. we provide best onsite laptop repairing in the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Campus at very affordable cost specially for students.

Locations: Powai, IIT Bombay, NITIE, Hira Nandani, Saki Vihar, Chandivali, Nahar Amrit Shakti, Saki Naka, Raheja Vihar, Poonam Nagar, Seepz, Sahar Road, M.I.D.C / MIDC, Green Fields, Andheri East, Andheri West.

Brands: Dell | HP | Acer | Sony Vaio | Apple MacBook | Toshiba | Gateway | IBM | Lenovo | Samsung | Asus 

We provide Laptop repairing services like:

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Laptop LCD LED Screen Repair and Replacement
Vertical or Horizontal colored lines on screen, Screen Flickering, Screen all black, Screen blinking or shaking,
Screen broken, cracked or damaged, Screen Color fades to white, Screen dim, Black spot in screen.

Laptop Keyboard Repair and Replacement
Few keys not working in laptop, Keyboard keys keep repeating itself, water - coffee or some liquid spilled on keyboard,
Certain laptop keyboard buttons not working, some laptop keyboard letters not working, one key typing on its own.

Laptop Body Repair, Fabrication or Replacement
Broken Laptop Bottom Case / Base Enclosure Replacement, screen hinges loose, screen joint broken, hinges cover broken, hinges cracked, some part of hinges came off, hinges damage from one corner, hinges out of place or alignment problem, broken lcd back cover, cracked or damaged lcd back panel, body fabrication, front bezel frame broken or damaged. Rear Case, Front Bezel, L + R Hinges, Touchpad with Palmrest Top Cover also available.

Laptop Battery Replacement
Laptop battery plugged in but not charging, Battery not detected in Laptop, Consider replacing you battery error, battery dead, battery goes down very fast, battery doesn't last long, battery drain fast, battery won't fully charge, battery at zero percent not charging, battery plugged in but not charging error.

Laptop Charger / Adapter Replacement
Laptop Adapter plugged in but not charging, adapter burning smell, adapter stopped working, adapter indicator light blinking continuously, adapter working but not charging properly, ac adapter heating. Original Genuine A C Adapter available at very affordable price. 

Laptop Chip Level Motherboard Repairing or Replacement
Laptop Charging point / dc jack repair or replacement, motherboard not turning on, laptop on but no display, laptop not powering on, motherboard beeping, motherboard heating problem, motherboard burnt due to water or liquid spill, motherboard usb Ethernet LAN port repair or replacement, motherboard video card chip repair, BGA repair. 

Laptop CPU cooling FAN Replacement
Laptop hang issue or automatic shut down, internal dust cleaning or cpu fan replacement, fan making noise, fan not working at all, fan making buzzing sound, fan blowing hot air, fan error on startup.

More Laptop Repair service like: Hard disk or disk drive issues, hard disk failure, hard disk error, hard disk is not detecting, hard disk is making clicking noise, hard disk crashed, RAM / Memory Upgradation, OS Reinstall or Formatting, Driver Installation, Microsoft Office Installation.

We also Deal in 100% original and Genuine Products like: Laptop Keyboards, Laptop Adapter Original, Laptop Adapter Compatible, Laptop Battery Original, Laptop Battery Compatible, Laptop LCD & LED Screen, Laptop Hinges, Laptop DVD/RW, Laptop Front Bazel, Laptop Rear Case, Laptop Bottom Case, Laptop Upper Case, Laptop CPU Fan with or without Heatsink, Original Microsoft Products, Original Anti-Virus Softwares,  Computer Repair, Laptop Repair, Printer Repair, LCD & CRT Monitor Repair, Laptop Spares, Desktop Peripherals, Laptop LCD Inverters, Laptop LCD Back Cover .

Laptop screen repair in Powai at your doorstep, Broken laptop screen replacement with the best price. We can replace your laptop screen within 30 minutes at your home of office nearby AndheriPowaiJogeshwari, Ram Mandir Road, GoregaonMaladVile ParleKhar and guaranteed 3 hrs same day of service in BandraSantacruz, Juhu, BorivaliKandivaliMira Road, Bhayandar, Mahim, Chembur, Mulund, BhandupVikhroliKanjurmargKurlaDahisar, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai Central, Matunga, SionWadala Road, GTB Nagar at budget friendly cost. If the laptop screen is cracked, broken or it is physically damaged by falling accidentally contact us @ 9004029090 to book an laptop repair technician visit. Some common laptop LCD – LED display related problem which we fix are vertical or horizontal - colored lines on screen, screen flickering, screen all black, screen blinking or shaking, screen Color fades to white, Screen dim, black spot in screen.

Laptop keyboard repair in Powai at your home or office, It can be extremely frustrating when your keyboard won't work. The keyboard is the primary mode of input to your computer. If you have no keyboard, you cannot perform simple tasks like logging in to your operating system, or even entering your computer's BIOS setup. Reach us via phone, e-mail or WhatsApp for prompt keyboard repairing services for problems like few buttons not working, laptop keyboard keys stuck, keyboard keys keep repeating itself, liquid spilled on laptop keyboard, some keys not working, laptop keyboard typing on its own, keyboard letters not working. We could replace your faulty keyboard with new and original one within 10-15 minutes. If you are searching for laptop keyboard repair center near me, laptop keyboard replacement shop near me, laptop keyboard repair shop near me, laptop keyboard replacement cost, laptop keyboard repair cost, laptop keyboard repair replacement then stop wasting your time and reach us @ 9004029090 for better and user-friendly laptop keyboard repairing experience.

Laptop Hinge repair in Powai, Broken Body Fabrication & replacement service shop in Powai. one day you open your laptop and surprised to see that your display screen section is little loose and unstable, then you closed the laptop lid and open again and you came to know that the hinges are broken, well that is common problem in all brands of laptops. The first question come to your mind is what will be the cost to repair the broken hinges, and nearest hinge repair shop who repairs it on urgent basis. Well the answer is rate of hinge repair, fabrication or replacement is somewhere between 800 to 2000 rupees and it may reduce based on the level of damage. we could repair and return your broken hinge and damaged body laptop same day. We also have wide range of laptop body parts like Bottom case, Touchpad with palmrest, LCD back cover & Front bezel frame to minimize the time frame.

Laptop battery replacement in Powai, Is Your Laptop Battery Not Charging? laptop battery won't charge, laptop battery dead, laptop battery not detected, battery drain very fast, not holding charge for more than 30 minutes, laptop battery is not charging and you are searching for laptop battery shop or store near me, laptop battery replacement cost then contact us for original laptop battery replacement delivered and installed at your home or office at very affordable cost. We are one of the best laptop battery sellers in Mumbai and 98% of our laptop battery replacement is done onsite at your home/office at very cheapest price.

Laptop AC power adapter in Powai, Genuine Laptop Charger replacement available for all model at very pocket friendly rates, all our power adapter comes with 12 months warranty. Remember, if you lose your laptop charger or it is burnt or cable is damaged and you desperately need to get it powered back up, you can contact us for urgent home delivery across Mumbai at reasonable rates. We have 100% genuine charger along with compatible and universal charger to serve you as fast as we could.

Laptop heating issue solution in Powai: Laptops which has a dedicated graphic processing unit tends to get heated normally, but when it starts getting overheated then it may cause trouble using your laptop sometimes. We can easily solve that heating issue by deep cleaning heatsink ventilation area, CPU fan and applying heat sink paste (thermal grease / silver arctic) and that will improve the performance and life of your laptop.

Laptop speed up and facing some performance issue? for some heavy users like programmer, graphics designer, gamers etc it is important that their system should run as fast as possible, by upgrading normal laptop hard disk drive to an SSD can make a drastic change in its performance. Also, by upgrading RAM memory the response time of application loading improves and that will give boost to overall performance of your laptop computer. contact us now share your model details and get all this done at your home/office at exceptionally good pricing.

Other common issues that are fixed include: Laptop crash, Loading failure or slowdown, Internet connectivity issues, Device compatibility issue, Laptop freezes, Blank screen, Unwanted noise, laptop motherboard not turning on, laptop motherboard no power, repair laptop motherboard no display problem etc.

Lastly the main question in every laptop user's mind, how much time does repair a laptop take? The time taken to repair a laptop depends on the type and severity of issue at hand. However, it should not take longer than 24 hrs. Some small problems like screen replacement, keyboard replacement, RAM upgrade, battery replacement, laptop charger replacement could be solved within 30 minutes.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide our customers with top quality service at a reasonable price. We will not sell you something you don't need. Before you go to the big box stores, give us a call and experience personalized customer service and get the answers you need to keep you up and running.