Laptop Optical Drive / DVD-RW

Wide range of Laptop Optical Drive / DVD-RW available for any brand laptop.

Some interface Types of Optical Drive / DVD-RW:

Some Brands and Models which we serve

Dell Latitude C500, Dell 15R 5537, Dell D420, Dell 1464, Dell 5547, Dell 1564, Dell 1318, Dell V2520, Dell N4050, Dell N5030, Dell 3340, Dell 3543, Dell 5547, Dell 6400, 

Dell 640M / 630M, Dell D820, Dell D810, Dell E6330, Dell 3360, Dell 3560, Dell D800, Dell D620, Dell D610, Dell D600, Dell D500, Dell D520, Dell D400 / D410, Dell D430, 

Dell  Vostro 1510, Dell 1500 / 1520, Dell C640 / C610, Dell 9400, Dell 1720, Dell V3300, Dell V3400, Dell V3500, Dell V3550, Dell V3450, Dell 1435, Dell L701x, Dell E5450, Dell E7440,

Dell E7250, Dell  E7450, Dell M1210, Dell 1310 / 1318, Dell E4310, Dell E6400, Dell e6320, Dell e6530, Dell e5440, Dell e5440,  Dell e5530, Dell e5220, Dell e7240, Dell 1300, Dell 6000,

Dell D531, Dell D830, Dell V5470, DeLL 14z 5423, Dell Studio 1435, Dell n5050, Dell N7110, Dell XPS17, Dell Studio 1440, Dell 1640/1340, Dell V1200, Dell 1220, Dell V13/V131/V130, 

Dell 1370, Dell 1100, Dell 1000/2200, Dell A840, Dell E4200, Dell E4320, Dell E5400,  Dell E6520, Dell E6310, Dell E5420, Dell 1764, Dell 1750, Dell 1749/1745, Dell 17R/N7010, 

Dell 1735, Dell V3700, Dell 3721, Dell 5421, Dell 700m, Dell 1012, Dell Mini 10, Dell MINI 1090 DUO, Dell MINI 12, Dell MINI 11Z/1120, Dell XPS13 - L321Z, Dell XPS13, Dell XPS14,

Dell L421X, Dell 2100, Dell Latitude C510, Dell Latitude C540, Dell Latitude C600, Dell Latitude D250, Dell Latitude D400, Dell Latitude E5400, Dell Latitude E4300, 

Dell Latitude E5410, Dell Latitude E4200, Dell Latitude E5420, Dell Latitude E5430, Dell Latitude E5500, Dell Latitude E6400, Dell Latitude D630, Dell Studio 1440, Dell Studio 15,

Dell Studio 1535, Dell Studio 1555, Dell Studio 1557, Dell Studio 1558, Dell Studio 17, Dell Studio 1535, Dell Studio 1536, Dell Inspiron 1420, Dell Inspiron 1440, 

Dell Inspiron 14R n4110, Dell Inspiron 15 - 3520, Dell Inspiron 15 n5050, Dell Inspiron 1520, Dell Inspiron 1525, Dell Inspiron 1545, Dell Inspiron 15R n5110, Dell Inspiron 15Z,

Dell Inspiron 6400, Dell Inspiron E1505N, Dell Inspiron n4010, Dell Inspiron n5010, Dell Inspiron 15 - 3521, Dell Inspiron n1140, Dell Inspiron n5521, Dell Inspiron 15 - 3542, 

Dell Inspiron n4030, Dell Vostro 1014, Dell Vostro 2420, Dell Vostro V13, Dell Vostro 1720, Dell Vostro 1000 Series, Dell Vostro 1400 Series, Dell Vostro 1500 Series, 

Dell XPS 15 - L502x, Dell XPS 15 - L501x, Dell XP 14 - L401x.

Acer Aspire One-D257, Acer D250, Aspire 5830, Aspire M5, Aspire 5738z, Aspire 4720z, Aspire V5, Aspire 5742, Aspire 5755g, Aspire V3-772g, Aspire 4736z, Aspire E1-520, 

Acer Aspire 5742g, Aspire 3762, Aspire 5750g, Aspire E1-531, Aspire E1-471, Acer 4750, Acer Travelmate 4740, Acer 4753, Acer 5741, Acer 5536, Acer V3-571, Acer E1-571, 

Acer 5733, Acer 5736, Acer 5740, Aspire v5-573, Acer 4620, Acer 5570, Acer 4741, Acer 4150, Acer E5-571, Acer 4738z, Acer 5745G, Acer 8372, Acer 4710, Acer 4315, Acer 4715, 

Acer 4630, Acer 4335, Acer 4620, Acer 4220, Acer 4930, Acer e1-431, Acer 5610, Acer e1-530, Acer e1-570, Acer v5-171, Aspire One 756, Acer v5-53, Acer v5-471p, Acer v3-471, Aspire One D260, Aspire One D270, Aspire One 722, Acer 9300, Acer 4820T, Acer 4810T, Acer 5830T, Acer 5810T, Acer 5220, Acer 5620, Acer 5730, Acer 5630, Acer 5100, 

Acer EMACHINE E725, EMACHINE D520, EMACHINE D525 D725, Acer 5738, Acer MINI 751 722, MINI 725/S3, MINI E3-111, Acer E M2000, Acer 240, Acer 2200, Acer 2300, Acer 4736,

Acer 3810T, Acer 3810T, Acer 1400, Acer 1600, Acer 290, Acer D255, Acer D270, Acer 532H, Acer D260, Acer 7720, ASPIRE ONE/ZG5, Acer M5-481, Acer E1-431, Acer E5-573, 

Acer E1-531, Acer E1-571, Acer V5-431, Acer V5-571, Acer 5950G, Acer 3100, Acer 5100, Acer 2920, Acer 6292, Acer E1-510, Acer V5-571, Acer V5-471, Acer 5920, Acer 4730z, 

Acer 4520, Acer 4310, Acer Extensa Series.

HP Elitebook 820, HP 820, HP 2000 2314tu, HP 2320tx, HP 15r, HP 15g, HP 14b, HP 15b, HP 15n, HP 15d , HP 15ac, HP 15ab, HP 440 - G1 G2 G3, HP 240 - G1 G2 G3, HP 250 G1 G2 G3,

HP ENVY 4, HP ENVY 6, HP ENVY 15, HP 630, HP 500 510 520 530, HP 4510S, HP 4710S, HP CQ58, HP CQ510, HP 8460P, HP 8530W, HP 8440P, HP 8410P / 8510P, HP 6460B / 6560B,

HP CQ70, HP NC6220 / NC4000 / NC4200, HP 6520S / 6720S / 6730S / 6530S, HP 2510P /2540P / 2530P, HP MINI 210, HP MINI 110, HP CQ20, HP CQ42, HP CQ50, HP CQ60, HP CQ70,

HP CQ71, HP CQ72, HP 242-g2, HP G4-2000, HP G4-1000, HP G6-2000, HP G7-1000, HP G7-2000, HP DV6-1000, HP DV6-3000, HP DV6-6000, HP DV6-7000, HP  DV7-2000, HP DV7-1000,

HP DV7-4000, HP DV7-7000, HP DV7-6000, HP DV3-2000, HP DV5, HP DV2,  HP DV3-1000, HP DV3000, HP DV4000, HP V4000, HP DV5000, HP V5000, HP V6000, HP DV8000, 

HP DV9000, HP M2000, HP HDX16, HP HDX18, HP HDX9000, HP DM4-3000/4000, HP DM3-1000, HP CQ510/CQ610, HP 540, HP 6820S, HP 4830s, HP 820-g1, HP 840-g1, HP 450-g4, 

HP 450-g1, HP 440-g1 g2, HP V2000, HP 4320s, HP 5310m, HP 4330s, HP 4340s, HP 4341s, HP 4720s, HP 5220m, HP FOLIO 9470M, HP nx5000, HP NX6110, HP NX6330, HP NX7000,

HP NX7400 / NX7300, HP NX9000/NX9010, HP NX9420/NW9440, HP TX1000, HP 2710P, HP 2170p, HP 2740p, HP 2570P / 2560P, HP 6535b, HP 6730b, HP 6830b, HP 6910p, 

HP 6450b, HP 6440b, HP 6930p, HP 8510p, HP 8540p, HP 8530W, HP 8440P, HP 6460 / 8460p, HP 8740W/ 8730P, HP 6560b, HP 8510p, HP NC2400, HP NC4200, HP NC6400, 

HP NC6000, HP B3800, HP B2800, HP B2000, HP P1200, HP B1200, HP A900, HP CQ420, HP CQ620, HP 110-1000, HP Mini 1000, HP DM1-3000, HP DM1-1000, HP MINI 210-1000, 

HP MINI 110-3000, HP MINI 210-2000, HP MINI 2133, HP 5101, HP CQ10, HP ENVY M4, HP PAVLION 14P/ENVY 14V, HP ENVY 15J, HP PAVLION 15P/ENVY 15V, HP M6-1000, 


HP PAVILION 13-P100, HP SLEEKBOOK 15, HP 15B, SLEEKBOOK 14, CROMBOOK ZE1000, HP Elitebook 840, HP Elitebook 850, HP Elitebook 720, HP Elitebook 740, 

HP Elitebook 750, HP Pavilion DM3 Series, HP Pavilion DM4 - 1000 Series, HP Pavilion DM4 - 2000 Series, HP Pavilion DM4 - 2070us, HP Pavilion G6 - 1000, HP DV6 - 1111au,

HP Pavilion G6 - 1003tx, HP G6 - 2005ax, HP Pavilion DV4 - 1411tu, HP Pavilion 15 - e009tu, HP Pavilion DV2000 HP Pavilion DV6000, HP DV6 - 1204au, HP Pavilion 15 - g049au, 

HP Pavilion DV7 - 6010tx, HP Pavilion DV4 - 1204tu, HP Pavilion DM4 - 1264nr, HP G6 - 2014tx, HP Pavilion n209tx, HP Pavilion DV6700, HP Pavilion 15 - b004tu, HP Pavilion 15 - g049au, HP Pavilion 15 - b049tu, HP G60 - 214EM, HP G61, HP G40, HP G42, HP G62, HP 15 ac101tu, HP 15 ac148tu, HP Pavilion DV5 Series, HP DV5000, HP Pavilion DV6 Series, 

HP Pavilion TX1000 Series, HP Pavilion TX2000 Series, HP Probook 4230S, HP ProBook 4300 Series, HP Probook 4310S, HP ProBook 4311s, HP ProBook 4400 Series 4415S, 

HP ProBook 4410s, HP ProBook 4420S, HP ProBook 4430S, HP Probook 4440s, HP ProBook 4500 Series 4510S,  HP ProBook 4520s, HP ProBook 4530S.

HP Compaq 610 Notebook PC, HP Compaq 6510B, HP Compaq 6520S, HP Compaq 6530B Series, HP Compaq 6710B Series, HP Compaq 6720S, HP Compaq Business NX6110, 

HP Compaq Business Notebook NX6115, HP Compaq Business Notebook NX6120, HP Compaq Business Notebook NX6325, HP Compaq G60-300, HP Compaq NC6320, 

HP Compaq Pavilion DM4T-2000 CTO Series, HP Compaq Presario CQ-60 - 60615DX, HP Compaq Presario CQ57, Compaq Presario C700, Compaq Presario CQ40 , 

Compaq Presario CQ61, Compaq Presario CQ62, Compaq Presario CQ41, Compaq Presario V3000, Compaq Presario CQ43.

Sony Vaio VGN-FE18GP, Sony  vpceb16fgb, Sony  VPC-M125, Sony  VPC-W11, Sony YA/YB, Sony F119,  Sony S111FM, Sony CW, Sony FZ, Sony NR, Sony FX, Sony EC, 

Sony VPCF11FM, Sony FE, Sony  NW, Sony SVS13, Sony  SVT13, Sony  SR, Sony  FW, Sony  SVE15, Sony  SVE11, Sony  SVF151, Sony  SVF14N, Sony  SVF142, Sony  SVE14A, 

Sony  SVE141, Sony  VPCF, Sony  EA, Sony  EB, Sony  BZ, Sony  EG, Sony  CR,  Sony CS, Sony  EE, Sony  EL, Sony  EH, Sony  SE, Sony SB, Sony  VPC-CA, Sony  VPC-CB, Sony VPC-SE,




SONY VAIO SVF152C1WW, Sony VAIO PCG Series, Sony VAIO E Series, Sony VAIO VGN Series, Sony VAIO VPC Series.

IBM ThinkPad R51 Series | IBM ThinkPad R50 Series | IBM ThinkPad R40 Series | IBM ThinkPad R40 Series | IBM ThinkPad R60 Series | IBM ThinkPad R61 Series

IBM ThinkPad T40 Series | IBM ThinkPad T41 Series | IBM ThinkPad T42 Series | IBM ThinkPad T43 Series | IBM ThinkPad T60 Series | IBM ThinkPad X20 Series

Lenovo 3000 N100 Series, Lenovo SL430, Lenovo SL410, Lenovo SL300, Lenovo G40-30, Lenovo Z60M, Lenovo R500, Lenovo X60S, Lenovo X60, Lenovo E42, Lenovo E420, 

Lenovo E43, Lenovo E430, Lenovo E431, Lenovo E530, Lenovo L420, Lenovo T510, Lenovo R400 / T400, Lenovo T400S, Lenovo T440, Lenovo T430, Lenovo T430S, Lenovo T500,

Lenovo T410, Lenovo T410S, Lenovo T420, Lenovo T420S, Lenovo X100E / X120E, Lenovo x200, Lenovo x250, Lenovo S10 1 2 3, Lenovo N100, Lenovo N200, Lenovo Y550, 

Lenovo N586,  Lenovo P580, Lenovo B480, Lenovo B580 / B590, Lenovo L450, Lenovo B40-70, Lenovo G40-70, Lenovo G40-80, Lenovo B50-70, Lenovo E40-70, Lenovo Y40-70,

Lenovo Y50-70, Lenovo Z40-70, Lenovo Y450, Lenovo U450p, Lenovo Z460, Lenovo L440, Lenovo U450, Lenovo B450, Lenovo F40, Lenovo E49, Lenovo g505s, Lenovo Y470,

Lenovo Z470, Lenovo Z360, Lenovo Z400/P400, Lenovo Z500, Lenovo S300/S400, Lenovo YOGA 100, Lenovo YOGA 11, Lenovo YOGA13, Lenovo S110, Lenovo S210, 

Lenovo S205S/S100, Lenovo MINI S12, Lenovo U400, Lenovo U410, Lenovo U460, Lenovo U510, Lenovo U550, Lenovo U310, Lenovo U450 / G450, Lenovo T60, Lenovo x240, 

Lenovo T450/E450, Lenovo Edge E40, Lenovo E46, Lenovo B5400/M5400, Lenovo X130E, Lenovo X120E, Lenovo X40, Lenovo E520/E525, Lenovo X300, Lenovo S203U, 

Lenovo X200, Lenovo SL410/SL510, Lenovo 3000 G400 Series, Lenovo 3000 G410, Lenovo 3000 G530, Lenovo B460C, Lenovo Essential G460, Lenovo Essential G570, 

Lenovo Essential G880, Lenovo G470,    Lenovo G550, Lenovo G560, Lenovo G580, Lenovo G505, Lenovo G585, Lenovo G480, Lenovo G500, Lenovo G530, Lenovo Z570, 

Lenovo Z560, Lenovo Y410P, Lenovo W500, Lenovo Flex 2 - 14, Lenovo Flex 2 - 15, Lenovo g50 - 70, Lenovo g50 - 80, Lenovo E450, Lenovo b50 - 80, Lenovo IdeaPad B560, 

Lenovo IdeaPad B570, Lenovo IdeaPad G550, Lenovo U410, Lenovo U400, Lenovo IdeaPad S10 - 1, Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2, Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3, Lenovo IdeaPad Y400 - Series,

Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 Series, Lenovo IdeaPad Y410, Lenovo IdeaPad Y510, Lenovo IdeaPad Y560 Lenovo Y570, Lenovo ThinkPad SL400, Lenovo ThinkPad SL500, 

Lenovo ThinkPad SL510, Lenovo ThinkPad T400 T410 T420 T430 T500 T60 T61.

Samsung RV480, Samsung  NC110, Samsung N120, Samsung N210, Samsung NC10, Samsung R590, Samsung R510, Samsung X418, Samsung X05, Samsung P28, Samsung R50, Samsung X15/X20, Samsung R428/ R439, Samsung R528, Samsung NP300-E5Z, Samsung NP600B, Samsung NP535, Samsung NP550-E5Z, Samsung RV509, Samsung Q40, Samsung RV411, Samsung NP - N128,Samsung NP300V5A, Samsung NP300E5C, Samsung NP300E4V, Samsung NP350V5X, Samsung NP305U1A, Samsung NP300E5Z.

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